Information -  investment proposal

                                                   Investment Project :
To convert  hotel - sanatorium near Kiev - Ukraine
               near Moscow - Russia into Medical and Recreational Spa Center

           One or several hotels in the suburbs of Kiev – Ukraine or Moscow -
           Russia are to be converted into Spa -
Wellness Medical Recreational
           resorts. They are surrounded by
magnificent forests and have
           mineral water  wells 
of  high quality. The existing hotels buildings
           have good infrastructure and ,  administrative
           and service personnel.
           They are in most beautiful and prestigious suburbs. on  river banks,
           not far from residents and settlements of people, who, according to
           our surveys,
are interested to use such thermal recreational medical
           spa facilities.


                         The idea of using mineral spars is becoming very popular, but
                          such thermal water spas near big cities  in Ukraine, Russia,
                          Belarus or Moldova till now are practically  non - existent.
                          Only in the very  western part  of  Ukraine is possible to find
                          such spa resorts.
                          Big cities like Kiev, Kharkov, Moscow,  Minsk  and others
                          have no thermal spa facilities at all, although the demand
                          for them is now rapidly growing.          


      Citizens in Eastern Europe begin to realize and they know that
      mineral-rich water springs are good  for toning skin,   enhance  
      blood circulation 
and  for removing toxics in the body’s tissue.
      The therapeutic waters cure all forms
of rheumatism, digestive
      and metabolic disorders, and muscular-skeletal complaints.
      The healing waters
can also help in case of degenerative diseases
      such as joint arthrosis and polyarthrosis and  diseases of the
      Drinking healthy mineral water also cures osteoporosis and age-
      related bone atrophy.
      People with diabetes, heart disease or  lung condition,  can also
      benefit by enjoying warm mineral waters.
      The minerals,  absorbed through the skin,  rejuvenate  the body.

      Spas near big cities can give many people physical and spiritual
      restauration, relaxation and wellness.

      All investments
into turning hotel facilities into Medical Wellness
      Recreational Spas  will be  returned rather soon and  bring profit
      to investors, as well as  health and joy  to very  many customers.

           For questions and further information please call or write:
                                 in New York:      + 1 -646 - 954 8518
:  UN_g@mirexpo.US     Michael Golubnichy                                       

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