Photo copy of the letter:

                                                                 President of the international nongovernmental
                                                                  World Human Dimension Organization WHD
                                                        about Caroline van Sproncen participation in the activities  
                                                                             of WHD and United Nations


                                                                    To open references from the WHD website,
                                                    cited in the above letter,  please click on the addresses below:
                                                                   Caroline van Sproncen at the economic
                                                                     3D production Conference and Expo,
                                                        associated with the UN Economic and Social Council :

                                                                 Caroline van Sproncen video presentation:

                                                              UN Youth conferences and Climate Change -
United Nations, Youth,  Climate Change,
                                                            Climate Summit in Paris and WHD participation

                                                United Nations cooperation with Buddhism and other religions >>>                       

                                                                  Information about other UN Youth events
                                                                  with Caroline van Sproncen participation